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Most manufacturing lines are still under-optimized. Decisions made 'on the moment' are usually based on common sense rather than the overall picture of the factory floor, leading to sub-optimal decisions.

The main objective of the ScalABLE 4.0 project is the development and demonstration of an open scalable production system framework (OSPS) that enables optimization and maintainance of production lines 'on the fly', trough visualization and virtualization of the line itself. The project outcomes focus not only on line monitorization, but also on its control and construction in real time.

This is possible by integrating enterprise information systems, automation equipment and open APIs for system optimization.

ScalABLE aims to have effects on an European level, cooperating with other projects, influencers and initiatives, like Industry 4.0 or European Robotics. Besides the advances on technology, ScalABLE will also contribute with new standards for the production lines of the future.

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Start date: 01-01-2017
End date: 30-06-2020
Total budget - Public funding: 4 005 550,00 Euro - 3 999 050,00 Euro
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The main objective of the ScalABLE 4.0 project is the development and demonstration of an open scalable production system framework (OSPS) that can be used efficiently and effectively to visualize, virtualize, construct, control, maintain and optimize production lines. The OSPS aims to provides this through a) a tight integration of the enterprise information systems with transformable automation equipment paired up with b) the necessary open APIs for optimized solutions on all hierarchy levels.
The development of this OSPS framework is an answer to the growing demand of manufacturing companies to have efficient tools enabling them to optimize the organization of their production lines ‘on the fly’ and that have approached members of the consortium over the past few years. Two of these companies (PSA and Simoldes Plasticos) are part of the consortium and are at the center of this proposal. To assure full generality of the framework, they have defined two highly challenging use-cases against which the OSPS will be verified, tested and demonstrated on site and under industrial conditions.
This will be achieved by a tight integration between (a) advanced robots production devices ,
(b) a highly advanced model for the plant, (c) decision support technologies (d) advanced networked interfaces and plug and produce technologies.
The expected economic impact is considerable and easily measurable in the demonstrator: by dynamically scaling the production resources to the current production volume and variant, both end-users will demonstrate substantial savings generated by the adaptable production capacity.
For instance, the pilot engine production plant at PSA would be able to save approx 10 M€ just for the ramp-up of a single



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