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Acronym HUMAN-264500
Title Periodic Reporting for period 1 - HUMAN (HUman MANufacturing)
Description Digital workplace representation To support the reasoning, the HUMAN solution has the digital workplace representation consisting of a set of interconnected models capable of mirroring different aspects
Comments result_rcn_EC admin deliverableType_EC admin Periodic Report HUMAN
Project acronym HUMAN
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Description Augmented Reality technologies will be used for providing two services, exploiting the wealth of the monitoring information as well as HORSE systems’ intelligence: i) To assist human agents about
Comments Manufacturing Applications areas and sectors Augmented reality Technologies and enablers Human Machine Interfaces Information and communication technologies Humans actively connected Digitalisation pathways
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Title Demonstrator 3: Human-Robot Collaboration - Mass Balance System Assembly
Description They will create a setup with 3 engine assembly stations, each with a robot and each allowing 1 or more human workers collaborating with the robot.
Comments platform deployment Business model aspects Business models Business ecosystems associated to digital platforms Business model aspects Business ecosystems Process perspective Addressed processes Design

Lombardy Champion - Zero-Hours Quality

Project: BEinCPPS


Updated at: 22-03-2021

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Description leverages a lightweight Shopfloor infrastructure – based on a mix of custom-developed and commodity hardware on the product’s side (CPU and Power Board) and on Android mobile applications as the human-machine
Comments Business model aspects of digital platform deployment Business model aspects Business models Software ownership Business model aspects All BEinCPPS components used in the Whirlpool demonstrator are open