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Human Activity Recognition

Project: LIAA

Updated at: 20-02-2024

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Description . # Safety Zones: Safety strategies (reduced velocity, emergency stop, …) are activated when the human-robot distance approached security thresholds. # Dynamic collision anticipation and avoidance

Collaboration Spaces

Project: GLONET

Updated at: 21-06-2018

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Description of collaboratively shared information and facilitates the coordination among cross-organizational virtual teams, consequently enhancing the collaborative working experience while providing trust and security

EPES Service Generator Module (SGM)

Project: EPES

Updated at: 22-06-2018

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Description interfaces or in a conventional DBMS • Interfaces to services provided by other EPES modules, e.g. the VCN Repository data storage services, optimization and simulation services provided by DMM and SM • Security

NIST 800.82

Updated at: 26-03-2021

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Description ICS cybersecurity programs should always be part of broader ICS safety and reliability programs at both industrial sites and enterprise cybersecurity programs, because cybersecurity is essential to the

ISO/IEC 27701:2019

Updated at: 23-10-2020

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Description Security techniques — Extension to ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27002 for privacy information management — Requirements and guidelines

Roadmap towards Services

Project: SCOTT

Updated at: 29-04-2024

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Description Drivers like energy efficiency, trust issues such as privacy and security, convenience, as well as market aspects such as societal demands will be analysed to create the expected market uptake of managed

Human–Robot Collaboration

Updated at: 30-04-2021

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Description Challenge Classical industrial robots can operate at high speeds and with excellent precision but require stringent security measures and a significant factory floor footprint.